Artist Projects...

  I have been involved with a number of artist projects outside of my own practice, primarily working within print based media. During these projects I work directly with the artists, however, the final result is a product entirely of their own authorship.


   Paul Johnston:

  Paul Johnston is represented by Ancient and Modern gallery and was an artist in residence at the Camden Arts Centre in 2007. It was during this residency that I began to work with him initially on a body of screen prints for an exhibition in Tokyo. This subsequently grew into a broader working relationship where I was intimately involved with the production of his assembled paper paintings which were featured in the Newspeak: British Art Now exhibition at the Saatchi gallery.                                                      

  Sadie Hennessy:

  Sadie Hennessy is represented by WW gallery in east London and is based in Whitstable on the Kent coast. I worked with her on a body of photo-etchings which were taken to the Venice Biennially in 2011. Her work adopts an absurdist approach to her subject, often undercut with a dark comic edge. She evokes a certain sense of "Englishness", and was recently part of the Beach Huts event staged at the Royal Festival Hall on London's Southbank. She has also participated in the Whitstable Biennial.

  Ingrid Pollard:

  Ingrid Pollard is currently working towards her PHD at Westminster University in Photography. I was involved with a body of work she made in response to historic English pub signs that depicted black people. We made a series of blind embossed etchings, as well as a series of aqua-tints that fed into the broader context of her photographic practise. She has been included in exhibitions at the Haywood Gallery, the V & A and Tate Britain.


  Matthew Krishanu:

  Matthew Krishanu is a member of the Bow Arts Trust and has curated exhibitions at the Nunnery gallery and Iniva. I was involved in a project to produce a body of etchings and aqua-tints that supported his practise as a painter of intimate and lonely subjects.   

  Steven Scott

  Steven Scott is currently studying for a PHD at the Royal College of Art and has been exhibited widely in Britain and Europe, including the ICA and the National Film Theatre. I produced a body of screen prints for him which supported a broader body of time based work that explored mappings of architectural spaces. 

   Mossie Quille.

  Mossie Quille is a Bristol based illustratore who has recently been working on a series of charcoal drawings of woodlands. I have been producing editions of screen prints for him working with graphite ink .